October 2016

Determining your Photography Style

Finding your photography style. Let’s be honest, everything that has to do with ‘finding’ something, especially in the creative world, entails a difficult and long path...

12 October 2016

Exploring Parisian streets with the Manfrotto Windsor Reporter bag

I had the opportunity to test in preview the Manfrotto Windsor Reporter bag in Paris, the city where I live and shoot most of my pictures. The...

11 October 2016

5 Essential Must-Have Camera Items For When You Travel

Want to take the best travel photos? Then make sure you’ve got these items with you! Everyone wants to get the perfect shot, the one that...

11 October 2016

Senses in photographs

Many photographers seek to show not just what a scene looked like, but also what it felt like to be there.   It’s not easy to convey...

07 October 2016

Finland Diary

1 car, 4 friends and more than 3000 km in 14 days from Helsinki to Nuorgamintie and back. Smiles, laughter, hugs and moody moments, but when...

05 October 2016

Tips on keeping you and your camera gear safe on the road

Nowadays, the world is our oyster. The sky is the limit to our fantasies, goals, aspirations and this also goes for travelling. We are lucky enough...

04 October 2016

Using the TwistGrip from Manfrotto to take better smartphone photos

As a longtime fan of Manfrotto products I was pleased to be able to get my hands on their TwistGrip solution – a universal clamp for...

04 October 2016

Shooting Ocean Art with Manfrotto BeFree Live

Photographers, we’re always on the move. Chasing light and aligning elements, each new day represents another opportune moment to create! I generally have a tendency to...

03 October 2016

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