Photographers Guide – Canada


Photographers Guide – Canada

Besides visiting the area in British Columbia, a trip to the state neighbour is also worth it! Going to Alberta will take you right into the heart of the Rocky Mountains where high peaks, lush alpine meadows, turquoise lakes, virgin forest, towering waterfalls and wildlife awaits you.

When in the Rockies make sure to stop by Lake Louise, a glacial lake within Banff National Park. Once standing in front of this incredible landscape you will notice the unbelievable emerald colour of the water. This colours comes from rock flour carried into the lake by melt-water from the glaciers that are just behind the lake.


Just a few minutes drive from Lake Louise you will find another beautiful and even more stunning place – Moraine Lake! Situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, at an elevation of 1,885 m lies this glacially fed lake in Banff National Park. The lake reflects a distinctive shade of blue. For the best shot go there for sunrise on a clear day, climb up the moraine and set up your tripod. Once the sun comes over the horizon it lights up the peaks behind the lake, making it an unbelievable picturesque experience. On calm days, the peaks will reflect in the blue water, while a fade of sunlight burns through the valley. Try to get your shot and rush down to the boat pier. Down here get a photo with the colourful boats and the rising sun in the backdrop.


After a successful sunrise shooting, you’re in best case down at the boathouse right in time to queue up and be one of the first people paddling on the lake. Make sure to bring a friend and sit down in the back of the canoe. From there you’re able to get some stunning photos!


After visiting it’s time to take a drive along the Icefields Parkway (Highway 93) with its jaw-dropping scenery. Pass by more than 100 ancient glaciers, waterfalls cascading from dramatic rock spires and turquoise lakes set in a vast wilderness. Plan a day or more for the 232 km of this highway, there are many places where you can pull over to inhale the spectacular scenery and take photos or find a trailhead to hike. Remember to fill up your gas before starting and make sure you got loads of batteries with you!


Take one of the many hikes and follow it into a stunning landscape, full of glaciers and lakes. My advice for shooting these landscapes is try to put a person into your frame. Thus the landscape gets a dimension, otherwise your friends won’t believe how vast it is!


Sleep a night in a traditional cabin next to the highway and enjoy being off the grid. There’s no cell phone coverage, no towns and best of all: almost no light pollution! So it’s kind of mandatory to set an alarm in the middle of the night to get out into the cold with a camera and your tripod to shoot the stars. In case of a clear sky you will be astounded by this sheer endless amount of stars

you will see, once you lift your head.


Once you completed the drive you’ll find yourself in Jasper, a beautiful small village nestled between high rising mountains. The next photo stop requires some work, you have to paddle 40 km round trip, stay a night on the shores of a beautiful lake and come back with your best shots ever taken! Go on an adventure on Maligne Lake and paddle to Spirit Island! Despite using the shuttle boats to get there, I advice everyone to paddle and stay a night on the lake. The last boat leaves at 6 pm from Spirit Island – this means that you won’t be able to get any afternoon and sunset light! So take the effort on you and do the paddle.


Daniel Ernst

Daniel is a 26 year old self taught freelance photographer from Frankfurt, Germany. His work as a photo-creator and story-teller takes him to many remote places around the world, always reflecting his passions. Inspired by nature, his work mainly focuses on the outdoors, adventure and lifestyle. To offer a documentation of his travels on a daily basis, he started using the social media platform Instagram a year ago.

‘With my photography and stories I want to inspire people, causing a desire, a motivation to leave the rush behind, escape routine, go outdoors, explore and experience nature. We are fortunate to be presented with many opportunities in this world, it’s just about making them into reality.’



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