My Manfrotto Windsor Messenger


My Manfrotto Windsor Messenger

The last few weeks started to feel crazy, so I decided to take a quick trip out of the city for the day. I grabbed my camera and my Manfrotto Windsor Messenger, and got on my motorcycle for a ride. I drove an hour or so out of the city. I hiked into the hills until I found an old abandoned estate. Only the cement foundation’s remained. I imagine a fire must have taken this home and its belongings.


I wandered through the quiet rooms with no ceilings, only sky. Though it was old and left for decay, light spilled in and brought life to these bare walls. Through the empty windows, you could see the ocean below. Golden grass covered the hills. It felt good to be alone in the light.

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Living in Los Angeles, you need to learn to escape. With all the traffic jams and madness, you have to find peace. It’s easy to get lost in the mix, but you have to stay grounded. There are many destinations, and there are many ways, with many messages along the way. Sometimes, you have to be your own messenger.

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A message can come in many forms… a text, a conversation, a photograph. For me, these are some of the most common, and sometimes they are all together at once. I take photos so that I can share a story, or a message, or a feeling. As humans, we are created for connection. We long to share with each other.

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There are many ways to stay connected, and my messenger bag from Manfrotto has been one of them recently. I’m able to take my creativity and work with me. The tools I use to create stories are carried inside. It helps me stay connected.

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Chuck Lang

Chuck Lang vision is to empower natural beauty through genuine images. In a world where it’s encouraged to constantly compare one to another, he wants to show women that they are already enough. He styles all his shoots with minimal to no makeup, and never change the shape of a woman’s body.

He believes in the power of a photograph.



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