Five Most Underrated Landscape Locations


Five Most Underrated Landscape Locations

I have travelled to many places around the world thankfully, so I prepared a list of my favourite underrated locations where I think photo opportunities are endless. Hopefully you can visit some of these one day!

1# Catlins, NZ

This region in New Zealand is often missed but well worth the visit. Rugged coast line, various wildlife and scenic lighthouses make this place one of the top underrated locations for photography opportunities. The city of Dunedin also has a great cultural kiwi vibe to it.


2# Sabah, Borneo

Many haven’t heard of this tropical Island that makes up a large part of Malaysia and Indonesia  but it isn’t a place to miss. If you are a wildlife photographer it is a place that is chalk full of exotic wildlife. It is also a Landscape photographers dream with misty rainforest and reflecting rivers. The people and the travel is very easy as well in this region.

3# Italian Alps

Maybe one of the most photogenic spots I have been to, Courmayeur is a completely underrated town that compares to highly rated places like Banff and Chamonix. The small town has a Rome like feel to it with towering Mountains all around. The hikes in the area are endless and the views are some of the most unbeatable. It was my favourite part of my trek around Mount Blanc.



4# Edziza, Northern Canada

I recently visited this national park in Northern British Columbia. It is the largest volcano known in Canada and the most remote trek I have ever done. The views for us were weathered out but the landscape and textures were so unique to anything I have ever seen. Colourful rainbow Mountains have hardly been explored and I would love to go back in better weather. The landscape seemed like it was from Mars. It was interesting to get new creative shots from this place.


5# Waterton, Alberta

This National Park is near and dear to my heart for it is very close to my hometown. It also contains some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes. It is underrated because it isn’t the easiest park to get to. It sits in the southern most corner of Alberta and connects to Glacier NP. There are endless photo opportunities here and I started my photography in this National Park.


Katie Goldie

Photographer and storyteller from Canada. Her goal is to inspire individuals to get outside and understand why the natural world is so precious. She wants to inspire others to see the beautiful places she photographs as well as protect them.


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