January 2017

Photographing Street Art in East London

A look at the vibrant street art scene in East London and how to capture its essence East London is famous for its street art –...

30 January 2017

Working with colour

The use of colour in photography can be a tricky one. There is a fine line between making the colour in a photograph bold and really...

25 January 2017

Pros and Cons of a Travelling Photographer

Being a Travelling Photographer can have its ups and downs. I have listed a few pros and cons about my experience as a travel photographer. Pros:...

23 January 2017

#Befreeliveinaction video competition: Which story are you gonna share?

Manfrotto invites filmmakers from all over the world to showcase their talents and express creativity throught the new Befree Live in action! The submissions should emphatize the...

19 January 2017

How to get started as a Photographer

Getting started as a photographer can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of cameras, lenses, tripods and brands to choose from. It’s also difficult to...

17 January 2017

Where to shoot sunrise in the Dolomites – A Photographer tip to chase the best light

Recently I went on a road trip through Italy and as a landscape photographer there are some areas you just can’t skip. Located in South Tyrol,...

16 January 2017

10 quick landscape photography tips

1# Gear: using a tripod and filters to capture movement When shooting landscapes, a lot of the time you are shooting in golden hour and in...

10 January 2017

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