Poetry of Silence

written by:
Matilde Minauro


Poetry of Silence

There are certain things that can not be expressed and understood in words, but only with our heart.

Things that we must entrust to silence, to its poetry and to its quiet power of framing everything perfectly, even if only for a moment…

The same silence should be given to those moments spent in touch with nature.

Those precious moments that we can finally dedicate to ourselves when we are not too busy with work or when we are not too tired to be able to appreciate the beauty that

surrounds us.

The same silence of the other day, where cold air and the mornings’ first light slowly revealed details of immense beauty, in that little portion of planet that I could see.

The same silence of the fog that surprised me with its gentle movement, to the point where I moved away from my viewfinder to give myself a few minutes to imprint in my memory the image of a perfect moment, where you can not hear anything other than your heart beating very strongly.

Everything really is more beautiful when it’s wrapped in a thin veil of fog.

Fog, it can transform ones surroundings into a quiet poem but it can be quite difficult to photograph.

Photos taken on foggy days can sometimes seem flat, there may be no shadows at all and colors may be weak, but these are just particular conditions that we need to understand and work with.

Here’s my suggestions for you:

Enjoy the silence, be patient, experiment different settings and make sure you have a tripod with you.

This time I used the MANFROTTO XPRO MONOPOD +, a new series of ultra compact monopods designed to give maximum performance in some classical genres of photography, such as travel or nature photography.

I can easily say that it was perfect and allowed me to capture images of a day that I will always carry in my heart.

Matilde Minauro

Matilde Minauro is a photographer based in Florence, Italy. Introduced to photography through the work and influence of her grandfather, she owned her first camera at age 8. Her studies in architecture influence her photographic style significantly, and this is evident in her use of lines and light as expressive languages. The atmosphere of her work is notably dreamlike, melancholic and quiet with consistently diluted and rarefied tones to define an intimate and profound space. Her portfolio is a secret corner of interiority, a collection of quiet poems that tell a story of almost impalpable sensations that words fail to express… A story that only light can delicately paint in every detail.

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