Embrace Spring and let it embrace you | Little suggestions for your Spring Photography

written by:
Matilde Minauro


Embrace Spring and let it embrace you | Little suggestions for your Spring Photography

It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.Rainer Maria Rilke

 Spring is my favorite season, it brings nature back to life. Everywhere, even in the city.

There is just so much beauty to capture and finding signs of Spring can be pretty easy, just be patient and look around, you may find a tree that is blossoming right in front of you.

With this article I’d like to embrace this magical season and let it embrace you…

Now you may be inspired to take a few spring shots yourself.

When you do, try to imagine how they could better represent the atmosphere of spring, by experimenting with light, colors and angles.

Also, here are a few things that I always use and that you might find handy for shooting spring photos:

TwistGrip Universal Smartphone Clamp:

It securely supports your smartphone camera to help you capture the best possible photos and videos.

LED Light Lumimuse 8:

Large, bright and powerful, the Lumimuse 8 is the biggest LED light in the Lumimise range, and yet is still highly.

PIXI Mini Tripod:

The cutest Manfrotto mini tripod. It is perfect for when you need to get up close and steady for a capture of wild flowers. The compact size is very convenient as you can literally take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

Matilde Minauro

Matilde Minauro is a photographer based in Florence, Italy. Introduced to photography through the work and influence of her grandfather, she owned her first camera at age 8. Her studies in architecture influence her photographic style significantly, and this is evident in her use of lines and light as expressive languages. The atmosphere of her work is notably dreamlike, melancholic and quiet with consistently diluted and rarefied tones to define an intimate and profound space. Her portfolio is a secret corner of interiority, a collection of quiet poems that tell a story of almost impalpable sensations that words fail to express… A story that only light can delicately paint in every detail.

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