My first Instagram experience | #whplittlethings

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Erdem Summak


My first Instagram experience | #whplittlethings

A lot discussions been around, lots of  studies and researches performed with several interesting outcomes. “Social media”, we have a lot to say,  almost  all discussions go to the dark side, mainly negative impacts on people and society, maybe we should focus on the bright side? Ah, I can hear that you say yes!

When I first met with Instagram, to be honest, I did not have a good vibe about it,  had a lot doubts to use it. I was one of those guys thinking that this would lack our creativity, but after certain time I spent with the app, I was able to see positive vibes, such as community meetings, weekend hashtag projects.

I really loved weekend hashtag project, which can impact positively on improving your vision and creativity by sharing different individuals’ perspectives.

Once again, I want to say I really loved this hashtag project and I’m still kinda addicted to it. Almost every Friday, I’m expecting as early as possible for Instagram to post the subject of the weekend. It motivates me, it drives my intention and drives my desire to create. Since, I’ve been addicted, of course I got some features by Instagram from this hashtag project. So, let me give you some tips about how to understand the idea behind weekend hashtag project and how to submit those visuals, videos and photographs.

First thing that we need to do is reading caption carefully for the tips given by Instagram. As it is not a commercial contest and the rules are not defined strictly, we should really understand what it is really required.

Whenever you finish reading a caption, you should check the blog page of Instagram to see sample contents posted previously by the community, in this way you get the big picture 🙂 But be careful, this is my third year in Instagram, following almost all weekend hashtag projects for two years and i see that more creative and more different perspectives get the eyes of Instagram. The key word here is differentiate. You should not repeat the same contents of the community.

You dont need to think and plan too much, action is louder than words. I suggest you grab the camera and release yourself out to the streets, or a rural location, around the city or even your backyard… just go out. Create to live, create to share is the biggest source of joy, believe me.

I always carry with me a mini tripod (PIXI EVO 2-Section Mini Tripod), in case of any low light condition or lack of subject/model (to use myself as a model) or in case you just want to capture a stable video.

Yeap, now you ve got yourself out and you did not have any plan about where to go and what to capture, your mind is still stuck in that blackhole. As we are not multitasking creatures, please don’t keep asking, try to relax first, only observe without any judgement . When you observe in a calm and quite mood, it is like a meditation, your mind will play a good game. In this game, you can be more connected to your camera, your subject and your environment.

Let me also talk about aspect ratio of your submission, even there is an option that you can post in wider aspect ratios, i suggest you to go for square framing or longer aspect ratios. The main reason behind this, is taht Instagram is 90% mobile reach platform. Screens have longer ratio and your longer aspect ratio will suit more those frames. If you don’t want to regret in post production, frame in square 🙂

If you have any curiosity, you can contact me through my Instagram profile: www.instagram.com/herosdem. I try to respond to every single question.

Here below, let us see my features from instagram. The first one for the #whplittlethings:

And the other feature ffor #whpsplitsecond:



Erdem Summak

Erdem Summak is a travel and adventure photographer  from Izmir, Turkey. With a  big passion for nature and a big interest modern art, his photography admires and captures the beauty and miracles of earth, seeks different perspectives.

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