August 2017

A Traveler’s Companion

Iceland is a magnificent landscape, abundant with photo-worthy scenes wherever you drive. However, getting to and photographing the imaginative scene you have come to find can...

31 August 2017

7 Reasons Patagonia Needs To Be Your Next Photography Trip

At the southern end of the Andes lies one of the planet’s most spectacular landscapes. Patagonia is a world filled with rugged mountain ranges, ancient glaciers,...

29 August 2017

Serengeti Journey

That “animal smell” and dust storms It’s 00h32 and I am sitting in the business lounge at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International airport waiting for my connecting...

25 August 2017

Tips and tricks to capture a perfect shot of an ice-cream

As summer comes everyone is craving for fresh recipes: green salads, tomatoes and milky mozzarella, juicy wedges of watermelon just out of the fridge and ice-cream,...

23 August 2017

Festival photography 101

Ok, so you finally got your first concert or festival gig and now what?! The more you start surfing the internet on advice, the more you...

22 August 2017

Happy World Photography Day

Celebrating #WorldPhotographyDay ? On August 19th the whole world celebrates the art of photography. For this special occasion, we decided to ask our ambassadors what photography means...

04 August 2017

Our Brands