September 2017

For the Urban Explorer

Manhattan is the ultimate urban jungle, a triumph of architectural ingenuity and creative innovation. There are boundless cityscapes and endless scenes to capture in New York...

29 September 2017

Fashion Photography for Beginners

  Fashion: Whether or not we like to admit it, we’re all interested in fashion. Every day, being fed fashion imagery within newspapers and magazines, or...

18 September 2017

Neon Lights

When one thinks of Hong Kong’s visual culture, neon lights are one of the first things that come to mind. Hong Kong used to be filled...

15 September 2017

Tracking the Tide

I often marvel at the oceans boundaries. Such an incredibly massive expanse of open water, with the ability to generate immeasurable power, yet at the very...

15 September 2017

Love the world like a bird

I can’t explain the happiness that goes through my entire body when my drone is switched on and I hear those beeps, as if to say...

11 September 2017

Interview with Wedding Photographer Steven Kopacz

How long have you been photographing weddings and how did you get into it? Before photography, I was in a professional national touring band that had...

07 September 2017

How to use a slider for time-lapse photography

An introduction to time-lapse photography and how to use a slider to get that perfect video Firstly, let me just say this now – time-lapse photography...

06 September 2017

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