Interview with Wedding Photographer Steven Kopacz


Interview with Wedding Photographer Steven Kopacz

How long have you been photographing weddings and how did you get into it?

Before photography, I was in a professional national touring band that had been around for about 9 years and during that time I also ran a clothing brand with one of my best friends.  While on tour we would hire photographers for our styled shoots and found that we were always disappointed when we got back the final images. Being a creative, I took the initiative to learn photography.  I did some research, found the perfect starter camera and lens then asked a friend who did weddings if I could come tag along to learn.  After that wedding, I gave him my memory card and went on my way.
The next day I got a call from him saying how he loved what I captured and if wedding photography would be something I would want to pursue.  I have been shooting wedding photography for about 4 years but made the change to film about 2 1/2 years ago.

Describe your wedding photography style in 5 adjectives.

Wild, Dreamy, Fun, Natural, Honest.

You seem to be creative in so many different mediums. What keeps you inspired?

Others are what keeps me inspired.  I am always searching for new ideas through the creativity of others. I’m a firm believer in sharing knowledge because it keeps your growing.  When I’m with a group of inspired people, you can’t stop the ideas.

During a wedding, so much happens so quickly. How do you prepare to capture moments quickly? Do you use specific gear to accommodate this need?

Weddings do happen quickly but at the same time they have moments where time almost stands still. I stay prepared with the gear I choose and knowing exactly how to use it.  When your camera and lens become apart of you, it’s easy to just capture the moments. I shoot on Sony A7SII’s, use Canon L & Sigma Art prime lenses, and stabilize with small travel tripods and Manfrotto tripod heads.

Tell us about a particularly challenging shoot. How did you overcome the obstacles?

One of the most challenging moments was when I was shooting an Indian Wedding at noon on a Florida beach in 90 degree weather… did I mention there were no clouds? If you’re not familiar with traditional Indian weddings, the ceremonies last 2-3 hours, so being in the sun with 4 cameras and only 2 people to man them was a challenge.  One of the cameras over heated, while another was on the verge –  but luckily for us we had them on Manfrotto tripods which at least kept them safe from the wind and sand.  Preparation is key, so before we even got to the ceremony my 2nd shooter and I had a game plan for what we’d do if something like this happened – and how to keep our cool (even in blistering heat).  In the end, the ceremony video ended up being great, however my shirt that day did not!

Thank you Steven for your time!


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