Manfrotto & Diografic – An Interview

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Manfrotto & Diografic – An Interview


1# Tell us a bit about your professional journey. How did you first get into photography?

As an Art Director, Photography appeared into my life as part of a set of creative possibilities / answers for each challenge. I started by exploring photography during holidays and after that I kept trying to learn more.

Moving from Lisbon to New York changed the way I looked at it because somehow I wanted to record the energy of the city.

2# Can you please share with us a “day in the life” of Diografic?

I work full-time as Art director in an advertising agency. A few days a week I leave home early to photograph sunrise somewhere in the city and especially during spring and summer I tend to walk around during sunset expecting good colors to shoot. New York has always some shadows and energetic moments to photograph as everything seems to be happening at the same time.

3# What do you do when you are not shooting or working on social media?

I like to spend time with my girlfriend and visit nice places in the city. As we have a dog we like to enjoy a big part of the weekend walking and playing with her. But I always find the time to walk around the city looking for new perspectives and experimenting new restaurants. I usually like to run, see my favorite soccer teams games, listen some podcasts and see my favorite tv series.

4# Which gear do you mostly carry on with you and how do you carry it?

When I decide to walk around the city I usually carry my camera, tripod, filters and at least two lenses. I photograph with a Canon and I usually take my Manfrotto travel tripod as well – flexible and a good option in terms of weight. I used to leave just with the camera and one lens but the fact is that Manfrotto Manhattan Backpack has some nice details to support the weight so most of the times I don’t even notice that I’m carrying a lot of equipment inside.

5# How the Manhattan Bag helps you surviving your New Yorker daily life?

It’s very good to know my gear is safe in this bag in New York weather, when you can have the sunniest morning and rain in the afternoon. The rain cover is actually one of the best features for me. But so is the multiple webbing for carrying the camera, lenses, the tripod, the drone, all in just one bag – perfect for unknown places that I don’t know what I’m going to use. The back and the top access are also really nice options especially in those moments I need to be fast changing the gear like events.


Art Director and Photography Lover.

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