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Cedric Dasesson

Cédric Dasesson is a professional photographer from Cagliari whose studies in architecture caused him to rediscover his love for his homeland. This led him to engage...

14 December 2016

Amongst the vineyards of the Basse Langhe

September is the month of the grape harvest, the time of change and also the favourite month for weddings. This was certainly clear to the newly-wed...

01 January 2016

Photographing architecture

How many times have you bought and opened an interior design or architecture magazine and dreamed of living in the comfortable and relaxing spaces you see...

19 December 2015

My favourite place to travel

In the past few years, through my journey through photography and my course of study, I have come to the conclusion that one of the best...

02 December 2015

Discovering Spectra.

One of the most difficult situations in which a photographer can find himself forced to work is that in which there is insufficient light to take...

26 October 2015

Looking out over the Atlantic

The fragrance of pasteis accompanies me to the station to catch the train to Cascais. It is a cloudy day, perfect for taking pictures along the...

13 December 2015

Our Brands