Twiggy Cheung


Twiggy was working in field of internet development, website designer and a reporter in the 1st stage of her career life. She turned to travel consultant in agency because of love at photography and writing, then she become travel expert at Taiwan. Twiggy is always pursuit of wonderful travel dreams to great journeys. She loves to view the world over photography and writing, sometimes she jumps into diving photography. Now Twiggy is a Travel and Arial Photographer, enjoy amazing photos and stories of Taiwan, Philippine, United States, Chile, Hainan and Bali islands.

I love travelling and photography. I like Taiwan a lot. No matter going up a mountain or diving under the sea, I always feel very peaceful. To carry a luggage and a backpack full of photography equipment weighing about 40 kg, it is indeed very heavy and tiring to a girl. However, when I look at good photos, I will forget all my tiredness.  As I like exploring new things and new places, I can observe things in different aspects, many different local conditions and customs and the ever-changing planet, making me fearless to sleep over in the wild to admire the scenery quietly.  Since I have picked up aerial photography, I became very keen on photography jobs. It is very enjoyable to watch back every movie and every photo I took showing the environment and the scene in different views.  I love Taiwan especially the outlying islands because I discover that the ecological resources are not limited on the land. In May, I had a birthday trip in Taiwan to explore in the sky, on the mountain and under the sea.  I flew to Taipei, then travelled by high-speed rail, by taxi and by ferry to reach Liuchiu. Finally I jumped into the beautiful sea to swim with turtles and fish, to take underwater photos. It was really fun. Life is so simple.


我很喜歡旅行和攝影,很喜愛台灣,不管上山下海皆令我心靈平靜,帶著行李箱、背起大背囊,盛載各種攝影器材, 加起來總數四十多公斤,對於一個女生來說真的沉重又累,可是,每當看到自己喜歡的照片已經忘記什麼是「累」。
喜歡台灣尤其是外島, 不單止在陸地上找到生態資源 ,就在剛過去的五月生日之旅,工作予於娛樂,來一個飛天、登山和下海的海陸空旅程,從台北到小琉球,花上數小時,坐高鐵、小黃和乘船,最後跳進美麗的海洋 世界,海龜隨著我一起潛水,魚兒陪伴左右自由地暢泳,來一些自拍照,多麼快樂,生活原來很簡單!

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