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Manfrotto Launches KLYP for iPhone 5

We are happy to unveil the iPhone 5 version of its KLYP case, together with the KlypApp and the PIXI tripod. The KLYP case offers a stylish,...

28 June 2013

Veni. Vidi. Pixi.

We are happy to introduce you the new PIXI, the perfect mini tripod for Compact System Cameras! Pixi is lightweight, intuitive to use and easy to carry...

27 June 2013

Would you like to be our photoreporter for one night?

On the warm evenings of July, thousands of “travelers” reach Castellazzo (suburbs of Milan) to attend a music festival with plenty of national and internationa artists:...

28 May 2013

Looking for new contributors!

Write us!

17 May 2013

Terms and conditions for contests on Manfrotto Imagine More

For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the Participant (as defined below) is submitting its images and photographs (the...

08 May 2013

Padroneggiate l’uso di KLYPPapp e ampliate le vostre possibilità di espressione: iPhone® × KLYP+

Ampliate la vostra visione del mondo grazie a KLYPapp. La nuova KLYP+ dispone di tre nuove lenti: fisheye, paesaggio e ritratto, e vi offre un punto...

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