Mobile street photography

Since the very start of my interest in photography, roughly three years ago, I was immediately attracted to street photography; it is a genre that allows...

05 October 2013

Making of „whimsical cloud shaper.“

It is Saturday morning – I am sitting with my coffee and iPad on the sofa, scrolling through my Instagram feed. As every weekend, I come...

26 September 2013

Almost a Zoo.

Ever since my childhood, some situations, sentences, or events trigger associations in my head which make me laugh or smile to myself. I can well remember...

20 September 2013

Main Actor: Little Monster

Long ears, two small horns, large eyes, and a crooked grin. The little monster which appears in many of my pictures is the embodiment of the...

13 September 2013

Maybe that is it.

When I placed an object onto white paper and added a few doodles for the first time, I couldn’t have imaged what would come of it...

04 September 2013

Our Brands