Learn Amazing Motorcycle Photography

Capturing the energy, emotion, atmosphere and excitement of a live performance has long been the ambition of many a photographer. The turbulent lifestyles of rock and...

15 February 2018

Light on the Lake

An article by Manfrotto Ambassador Philip Thurston. Australia is a big place. A really big place. There is distinctive imagery that comes to mind when you...

24 January 2018

Getting the most out of your winter shots whilst keeping yourself and your gear safe

Picture this: ten days, five strangers, -20 degrees, one ultimate goal: explore and document one of the most adverse yet scenic environments known to man: the...

15 January 2018

Discover Portugal and its islands, Madeira and the Azores

Portugal is mainland Europe’s westernmost country and is bathed by the Atlantic ocean… I invite you to visit it from North to South, including its islands....

03 January 2018

Top 8 Instagramable Icelandic spots

Lets be honest, you’re most probably letting out a deeply embedded silent soulful cry after reading the title. After all ‘instagramable location’ connotes easy, adventure-less and...

13 November 2017

Exploring Tongariro National Park: Why you need to visit Lord of the Rings Country

Mount Ruapehu, Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Tongariro… the all enchanting and all incredible mountains that form part of Tongariro National Park. I grew up on the...

27 October 2017

Visiting New Zealand with the new Befree Live

“Oh my goodness. Pull over!!” I shriek, as if a snake just popped out of the glove box! No snakes though, just an insatiable desire to...

24 October 2017

7 Reasons Why Kyrgyzstan Is The Most Photogenic Place On Earth

Lots of destinations boast epic landscapes, fascinating cultures or ancient traditions – but few manage to contain them all quite like Kyrgyzstan. The landlocked nation in...

05 October 2017

For the Urban Explorer

Manhattan is the ultimate urban jungle, a triumph of architectural ingenuity and creative innovation. There are boundless cityscapes and endless scenes to capture in New York...

29 September 2017

7 Reasons Patagonia Needs To Be Your Next Photography Trip

At the southern end of the Andes lies one of the planet’s most spectacular landscapes. Patagonia is a world filled with rugged mountain ranges, ancient glaciers,...

29 August 2017

Serengeti Journey

That “animal smell” and dust storms It’s 00h32 and I am sitting in the business lounge at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International airport waiting for my connecting...

25 August 2017

An Icelandic Fairytale

Iceland is an extraordinarily diverse landscape, enriched with everything from windswept valleys lined with snowy peaks reaching into the clouds, to mossy lava fields, black sand...

26 July 2017

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