How to make great smartphone photography

I love photography since I was a little girl, I started off with old-fashioned cameras, then passed on to compact cameras and now DSLR. DSLR has been...

17 May 2018

Mitchel Wu for Manfrotto

Creative Toy Photography: Challenges and Solutions

Are you familiar with creative toy photography? I’m not talking about the emotionless, static toy photos you might see in advertisements and catalogs. You’d be forgiven...

02 April 2018

Roberta Dall'Alba, Cinemagraphs for Manfrotto

5 Reasons why you should start creating cinemagraphs

“This picture is hypnotic!” “I could look at it for hours!” “I’m enchanted, how can you get your eyes off the screen?” – these are only...

19 March 2018


Photography has been a hobby of mine since the age of 12. I took a break during my teenage years, then revived this passion thanks to...

14 February 2018

Tips For Incredible iPhone Street Photography

In my previous articles I mentioned how there’s no need to have a super professional equipment to start with street photography. Often I find myself shooting with my...

29 June 2016

Manfrotto heads up in Venice for Architecture Biennale Instameet

Manfrotto Imagine More and some of the most famous international Instagramers were invited to Venice to visit the fascinating city during the Architecture Biennale opening. “Experience...

13 June 2016

The Manfrotto TwistGrip

If you love to document your life, capturing important moments as fast they come, Manfrotto has a slick line-up of accessories that will take your smartphone’s...

09 May 2016

Advanced mobile photography with TwistGrip

Smartphone photography allows us to achieve the same results as with a compact digital camera, thanks to the increasingly advanced lens quality and the versatility of...

09 May 2016

Have iPhones and Instagram Ruined Photography?

Photography as an art form has been widely respected for over a century, with many photographers becoming studied artists and capturers of pivotal moments in history....

29 April 2016

How to Perfect the Flatlay

The flatlay has been an Instagramer’s go-to for the last year and is a great way to show off your photography styling skills whilst making images look...

21 April 2016

Easy Lighting Tips for Brighter Instagram Images

Instagram has become a fast-sharing and rising photography platform, great to update your followers, friends and more on what you’re doing, where you’re going, or of...

07 April 2016

Photos for the Blog and Photos for Instagram? How Do I Take Them and Why?

If you have a blog, you will certainly also have an Instagram profile. And that means that you take photos. How do you take photos for...

20 February 2016

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