Roberta Dall'Alba, Cinemagraphs for Manfrotto

5 Reasons why you should start creating cinemagraphs

“This picture is hypnotic!” “I could look at it for hours!” “I’m enchanted, how can you get your eyes off the screen?” – these are only...

19 March 2018

Styling tips for an eye-catching Autumn food picture

Everything began with a blog. Before starting my food blog in 2009 I would write with pleasure when required, I would cook with abandon at every...

17 October 2017

Tips and tricks to capture a perfect shot of an ice-cream

As summer comes everyone is craving for fresh recipes: green salads, tomatoes and milky mozzarella, juicy wedges of watermelon just out of the fridge and ice-cream,...

23 August 2017

Food photography: backgrounds

In food photography, the background is very important. It can make your food image more or less sophisticated or rustic. When I wrote my second book,...

06 August 2016

Ficoeuva and Manfrotto in Funny Plates

We’re back! Remember us? We are Sara and Paolo, Ficoeuva in the bloggosphere: we already met here, here, here, and here. Today, we’re finally back on...

07 May 2016

The eyes are the gateway to the appetite!

As a photographer who has specialized in culinary arts for nearly 7 years now, I work within a clearly gourmet universe. I evolve within the kitchens...

09 April 2016

The use of layers in food photography

We can skirt round it as much as we like, but one thing is certain: in food and travel writing, photographs are so important, especially if...

16 January 2016

The Iceland you don’t expect

When you think about Iceland, you probably, like us, imagine hot springs in the middle of nowhere, boiling hot water that spouts when you least expect...

10 January 2016

Step-by-step recipe photography

When I began my blog, photography occupied only a marginal role in each post. To tell you the truth, even the writing wasn’t the main focus...

25 November 2015

Food photography outdoors in autumn

Daytime outdoors. Autumn. The light inflames the colours of the trees in a late autumn afternoon. The leaves go from reddish brown to the brightest yellow,...

21 November 2015

How to photograph soup and make it look tasty!

When I launched my cookery blog, my biggest problem was getting good photos. I’ve always been known, in my family, as the one who took awful...

14 November 2015

Culinary Photography: choice of aperture.

If you had to pick the most important parameter to adjust when taking culinary photography, it’s the choice of aperture (example f/2.5 or f/22). Depending on...

26 September 2015

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