Cycling photography Volodya Voronin for Manfrotto

Cycling photography: how to capture the moment

Alright, at first I would like to tell about the event itself. Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme is a very tough challenge for the competitors. The contestants...

11 May 2018

James Knight for Manfrotto

Ocean Aerial Photography And The Australian East Coast

Living in Australia has many benefits. One of the best? Our whole country is surrounded by the ocean. I have been lucky enough to grow up...

16 April 2018

MarcoRiva for Manfrotto Hover-25

To the lake with my Hover-25 Backpack

Aerial shots are an integral part of my productions, which is why the DJI Spark drone is always present in my video gear. Although the DJI...

09 April 2018

Volodya Voronin for Manfrotto

Interview with Volodya Voronin: Sports photographer

   Can you tell us something about yourself and how did you first get into photography? My name is Volodya, I’m action & adventure sports photographer...

13 March 2018


Shooting in extreme winter conditions and environment

Shooting on the snow combines an intense and meticulous organization that puts together the photographer’s abilities and the uncontrollable mother nature. The more the photographer is...

23 February 2018


Learn Amazing Motorcycle Photography

Capturing the energy, emotion, atmosphere and excitement of a live performance has long been the ambition of many a photographer. The turbulent lifestyles of rock and...

15 February 2018

Taking great photos on mountain hikes

Artistic photography takes time (scouting for shots, composition, lighting, framing, adjusting settings, etc.). Even if part of hiking is taking time out to contemplate nature, it...

05 February 2016


One of my favorite photo shooting techniques is ‘run and gun’ photography, rolling with a lightly equipped photo bag documenting action and lifestyle as it happens...

27 November 2014

Sports in the city

Part 1: Framed shot More and more city dwellers are attributing a lot of importance to their physical fitness, and you have to applaud them for...

21 November 2014


As with any winter photo assignment, staying warm and dry is a big part of bringing home the images you’re assigned to gather and those for...

20 November 2014


My winter season is made up of three very different categories of snowy terrain that snowboarders utilize in the pursuit of filming video segments and standing...

15 November 2014


Skateboarders are dreamers, they’re creative, motivated and most of the time employ the Do It Yourself attitude and technique to make things happen, a common parallel...

05 November 2014

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