Introduction to Lighting: 10 basic Steps to Good Lighting

“Photography or ‘drawing with light’ is in its simplest terms the art of capturing light - learning how to control the light is therefore essential to...

26 March 2013

10 Top Tips to great looking portraits!

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough…”

19 March 2013

Photography & Image Processing

Nowadays, the transition from photography to image processing is almost seamless.

13 March 2013

Great landscape images: Learning composition

‘…Nothing shouts beginner more than leaving unwanted elements in your frame…’

12 March 2013

Outdoor Photography / Tips and Tricks

Outdoor photography is a lot of fun – especially when I've found a great and unusual location for it.

06 March 2013

Understanding Exposure by Jacob James

‘…having a basic understanding of exposure is essential if you wish to ditch the full auto mode on your camera and give yourself some extra creative...

05 March 2013

HDR photography

HDR photography certainly isn’t to everyone’s taste, but those who are new to it will soon learn how much fun it can be when following a...

27 February 2013

Ten Tips to Better Photos by Jacob James

‘Photography is essentially about capturing light. When shooting outdoors the best light is found one hour either side of sunrise or sunset…’

26 February 2013

How to take great ‘party’ pictures

Great party shots made simple

11 December 2012

How to get a million YouTube hits

Our four tips to viral video insanity

29 November 2012

How to take great fireworks photos

Fireworks can prove difficult to capture in their full glory, as they are so momentary, so we’ve assembled some tips to help you take flawless photos.

15 November 2012

How to get papped in a street style shot

We learn from the seriously stylish

25 October 2012

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