Photography Equipment That Helped Me

Since 2010 I have studied and been trained in photography, learning all the technicalities of the camera and importance of aesthetics that go along with capturing...

14 April 2016

Me, Myself and Joey – Tips, tricks and apps I use.

I’ll be sharing some tips, tricks and apps I use for Joey’s Instagram page that may come in handy for you. These will especially be handy...

17 September 2014

Understanding iPhone Photography Distance

The iPhone allows you to render your photos with a sense of distance to the photographic subject. Fixed focal-length lenses used on the iPhones allow you...

06 September 2014

3 iPhone Apps to Add Dramatic Effects to Instagrams

Photography is meant to be fun. If photos are a means of self-expression, iPhoneography is the ultimate in this sense. For me iPhoneography is not about...

01 June 2014

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