Elaine Li Manfrotto

Finding Shapes in architectural photography

In big cities, more often than not, you’re surrounded by architecture and skyscrapers. Finding shapes while shooting architecture is not difficult. The ‘easiest’ and most straight-forward...

16 October 2018

Quick Tips for Architecture Photography

When we think about architecture photography, we think about a building, an entire project to shoot.  Don’t be scared to get closer, find details and colors...

10 June 2016

Hotel and Resort Photography

My great passions, after photography, naturally, are architecture and design. In reality, I qualified and worked as a designer, and I would never have thought that,...

12 March 2016

Photographing architecture

How many times have you bought and opened an interior design or architecture magazine and dreamed of living in the comfortable and relaxing spaces you see...

19 December 2015

My favourite place to travel

In the past few years, through my journey through photography and my course of study, I have come to the conclusion that one of the best...

02 December 2015

Salton Sea: The Dead Zone

I like going to places and photographing areas that most wouldn’t consider, the “non tourist” traps so to speak, places that will give me something interesting...

18 July 2014

A Seaplane Adventure

Earlier this year in Chicago, a couple of my photos from the Hancock Observatory got noticed by a local helicopter tour company on Twitter, and they...

11 July 2014

Sunset at a 1000ft up.

Everyone loves a sunset or sunrise don’t they? It’s probably one of the most photographed of genres in photography, and with the rise in the quality...

04 July 2014

Urban Struggles

I have spent many months in the City of London working on my book “The Square Mile – a photographic portrait of the City” and it...

30 August 2013

Our Brands