Photographers Guide – Canada

Besides visiting the area in British Columbia, a trip to the state neighbour is also worth it! Going to Alberta will take you right into the...

03 November 2016

Experience British Columbia

A wild place where Mother Nature creates boundaries – not man. A place where thousand year old trees grow in between an unreal green rainforest. A...

26 October 2016

How I Use Daytime Long Exposure in Epic Alberta Landscapes

I’m usually the first person to put my hand up and tell you that I’m not the world’s best photographer. In fact I’ve had more than...

20 January 2015

Social Media

(Alberta, Canada.) Hi, I’m Lauren Bath professional Instagrammer and this is my last post as a guest blogger for Manfrotto. If you’ve been along for the...

25 March 2014


Accessing the mountainous backcountry happens in a number of different ways, with snowmobiles being a very popular choice among professional snowboarders in the British Columbia area...

24 December 2013

Our Brands