A Christmas daytrip around Reykjavik and beyond

The ever so beautiful country of Iceland grabbed my attention ever since I was in 6th grade Geography class. I remember my first encounter with it...

14 December 2016

[Special Holidays] The method for taking great Christmas photos or the Special Bokeh Tutorial!

Dear Manfrotto readers, hello! So here is the 3rd episode of our series of “Special End of the Year Holidays” tutorials. Please allow me to bring...

01 January 2015

[Special Holidays] Christmas Lights: your camera’s 3 functions to photograph them at night

Dear Manfrotto readers, hello! We are continuing our series of “Special Holiday” tutorials and after the 5 photography ideas to try while Christmas shopping I gave...

10 December 2014

[Holiday Special] Year-End Shopping, 5 photo ideas to shoot this weekend

Dear Manfrotto readers, hello! I’m back with you once again on the Manfrotto Imagine More blog for a new series of photo tutorials – the “Special...

06 December 2014

The top ten Christmas YouTube videos

Christmas is the season of joy, festive jumpers, Christmas-cake-swollen bellies and classic movies. To help get you in the festive spirit and spread the holiday cheer,...

24 December 2012

How to take great ‘party’ pictures

Great party shots made simple

11 December 2012

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