Saint-Nicolas Church in Ghent With the invention of photography (part technique, part artistry) in 1839, painters were left behind with respect to their ability to mimetically...

19 February 2016

Culinary Photography: color

I couldn’t talk about culinary photography without addressing the issue of color. It’s a crucial component in the composition of your photographs. Unlike other types of...

04 September 2015

Let’s talk about filters

So what’s your favorite color? When taking photos, one of the the key elements to consider is color. While color changes depending on the objects that...

22 March 2015

Landscapes from near and far

(The Eiffel Tower viewed from the top of the Tour Montparnasse. Iphone 5S + Qx100) As a Parisian, I love to climb to the top of...

01 June 2014

Stroll through the parks and gardens

(Montmartre – Paris – Samsung Galaxy S4zoom) In Paris and the Paris region, there are lots of parks and gardens; I love wandering through them, strolling,...

01 June 2014

Puddle in Paris.

(Grande Arche at La Défense – Iphone 4S) I have always loved water and rain. For me it’s like being a child at the playground! As...

01 June 2014

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