A totally funny tutorial!

Let’s get started with our fourth and final post. To tell the truth, as we begin, we feel a little sad, as being a guest blogger...

29 May 2014

The thin line between reality and imagination: #dancerinvader

Hello everyone! We’re back again and ready to tell you more about us in this second post. Today it is rather grey, a bit cloudy; one...

26 May 2014

Victoria market: colours, aromas and spices

Victoria market, on the island of Mahé, dedicated to Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke, is probably one of the most colourful and beautiful places in the city; it...

11 November 2013

Food Shopping 111, or Contemporary Food Shopping

It all started out with ‘KM 0‘. Then this led to vegetable gardens on central city balconies. For those of you who cannot grow vegetables on...

04 November 2013

The season: autumn

This is our fourth and final post, and we wanted to dedicate it to the season we are experiencing right now: autumn. To tell the truth,...

28 October 2013

A Journey of Flavours

Our blog was born before our daughters; it was born one winter evening when, with the cold wind blowing outside, we were playing around with possible...

21 October 2013

Our Brands