Learn Amazing Motorcycle Photography

Capturing the energy, emotion, atmosphere and excitement of a live performance has long been the ambition of many a photographer. The turbulent lifestyles of rock and...

15 February 2018

On the road amongst the castles of Scotland

One of the best ways of travelling, and for us the best way of all, is on the road: you study your route based on what...

24 January 2016

Morning Meditation

Once upon a time, I loved mornings. Up with the birds, I would bounce out of bed ready to start the day.  I would go for...

27 May 2014

Scottish Borders

The Borders in Scotland is a region about an hour from Edinburgh. It’s got lots of villages and towns spread out over the area; some bigger...

22 November 2013

Scottish Landscapes

Rugged, fresh, natural – these are the words people use to describe Scotland, but nothing quite prepared me for the untouched beauty of its landscapes when...

22 October 2013

Walking in Southwest Scotland

When most people think of Scotland, they think of the Highlands and Scotch whiskey, and enjoying the occasional meal of haggis. Well, maybe the haggis not so...

02 August 2013

Hiking across the Skye Trail in Scotland

The weather in April is notoriously changeable … but not in May. Even in Scotland this is known as the merry month – with a prospect...

20 July 2013

Traveling by Scenic Ferry to the Scottish Western Isles

I love Great Britain, I think we have some fabulous, truly breathtaking scenery but sometimes I just get the travel bug.  Sometimes a trip to the...

18 June 2013

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