Street photography and photographing people; photos from a variety of trips

Just between us, what’s better and more inspiring than travel for taking beautiful photographs? Nothing, in my opinion, unless perhaps pictures of people, so for my...

09 October 2015

Sports in the city

Part 1: Framed shot More and more city dwellers are attributing a lot of importance to their physical fitness, and you have to applaud them for...

21 November 2014

So you’re coming to Paris? Forget about the Eiffel Tower! Take a tour of the Metro instead!

Dear Photographers and Readers of Manfrotto, the next time you come to Paris, forget about the Eiffel Tower and postpone going to Montmartre and the Louvre,...

30 July 2014

Street photography: the method to help you get beautiful, spontaneous portraits!

Hello to all you passionate photographers out there ! I am Maïeva Voyage from the blog and I will be your host for the month...

01 September 2013

Our Brands