Glowworm caves Tom Archer for Manfrott

A Magical Underground World – Exploring Glowworm Caves in New Zealand

Having been a professional photographer specializing in landscapes for many years it was perhaps surprising that I didn’t realize how challenging this was going to be....

28 May 2018

Sri Lanka with the Mamiya Press and the Polaroid back

If you love something, why bother counting. This phrase does a good job of summarizing my frame of mind before my second voyage to Sri Lanka....

20 December 2015

Hands Holding Polaroid Pictures: travel souvenirs

I love traveling! Taking off for the unknown, discovering new cultures, trying out exotic flavors…I am addicted to it. After a few months spent home in...

17 December 2015

Take great travel portraits

I’m one of those photographers who loves to discover a country through its inhabitants, and I prefer to take the time to experience the unknown by...

06 December 2015

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