[Holiday Special] Year-End Shopping, 5 photo ideas to shoot this weekend

Dear Manfrotto readers, hello! I’m back with you once again on the Manfrotto Imagine More blog for a new series of photo tutorials – the “Special...

06 December 2014

Taking a photo portrait of a street artisan (or not), 3 common errors and how to avoid them!

Since the beginning of the month on Manfrotto Imagine More, we have discussed the conditions for taking a photo portrait of a gentleman (here) or perhaps...

21 July 2014

Another photo encounter in the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam

Last week, I shared with you the touching story behind the photo portrait of a gentleman I met by chance on a side street near Lake...

09 July 2014

How I took this portrait photo in Hanoi, Vietnam

The street photographer should never make a habit of walking for too long down the wide avenues of a city. It’s better to get lost in...

04 July 2014

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